Piers Kicks
Piers Kicks

Piers Kicks

I lead the gaming team at Delphi Digital where we invest, research, and incubate exceptional projects on the frontiers of crypto.

Prior to that, I dropped out of a computer science and philosophy degree to set up a crypto venture fund called Azar Capital.

This is a place on the internet where I put things that I find interesting. The hope is that those things might also resonate with other people—a kind of digital serendipity perhaps.

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⛓️Into The Void: Where Crypto Meets The Metaverse

Things I'm Thinking About

The Metaverse (obviously).

  • The role of decentralized networks in building an open metaverse where users are immune from censorship, rent extraction, and privacy costs.
  • How our dominant interaction models evolve as we achieve this next great milestone as a networked species.
  • What new business models are being unlocked as well as how the investable surface area is expanding across this domain.

Video Games.

  • Homo Ludens.
  • The largest and most dominant entertainment form the world has ever seen.
  • Their historical and future role in pushing the limits of immersive digital technologies and massively shared experiences.

Crypto x Gaming.

  • New business models allowing players to participate in the value they create.
  • How game design must evolve to accomodate new economic realities.
  • Gaming as the trojan horse to global blockchain adoption.

Decentralized Networks.

  • Censorship-resistant compute platforms; and the emergent sectors they enable.
  • DAOs and other governance experimentation in coordinating human activity at massive scale.
  • Robust prviacy-by-design systems necessary for the coming phase of the internet’s evolution.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

  • Digital property rights.
  • NFTs as a universal digital representation and ownership layer.
  • New monetisation mechanisms expanding the universe of participants in the creator economy.


  • Bitcoin as the first true digital organism, capable of incentivizing humans all across the globe to ensure its survival.
  • The genesis of decentralization and state transcendence—a dominant theme of the 21st century.
  • The gradual separation of money and state.


  • Energy. Compute. Crypto.
  • Preparing for superintelligence in the 21st century.
  • How society adapts to the most radical reshuffling we have ever seen.

Interviews, Podcasts, & Panels

The Metaverse: a persistent, live digital universe that affords individuals a sense of agency, social presence, and shared spatial awareness, along with the ability to participate in an extensive virtual economy with profound societal impact.
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